I Want to Learn How to Think Beyond Academic Disciplines

Nanjing University Intensive Lecture Series
(for Students in Nanjing)
Fiscal Year 2013 "Water"



Humans and water have maintained a very close relationship from ancient times to the present. As can be seen in examples like ancient civilizations evolving in the vicinity of large rivers, water has provided the basis for the lives of humans, enabling them to have settlements where numerous economic activities, methods of transportation and cultures emerged. We can also observe examples where differing levels of access to water gave unique characteristics to different regions, distinct characteristics to how water was understood by the inhabitants of those places and each civilization reflected such characteristics. Water gives large impacts on the earth's environment and climate as it circulates through the air and the oceans. On the other hand, we can vividly recall the recent incidents of tsunami and flood, where the nature went against us and caused enormous and tragic damages. In Natural Sciences, water has provided its unique questions as a unique substance. I would also like you to be aware that all living creatures of the planet earth depend on this unique quality of water for their survival. I believe that water as a topic offers us so many things to learn from the perspectives of both Humanities and Sciences.

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This is a new independent study seminar where you visit a university abroad, attend Komaba-style lectures and exchange opinions with students there. This year we will offer lectures by faculty members of the University of Tokyo on the theme "water" that straddle across the Sciences and the Humanities. They are an omnibus intensive lecture series and are to be held at Nanjing University, China, in March 2013. Students enrolled in this program will participate in the lecture series for a week. The program is quite demanding since each participant, together with NU students, will be asked to attend lectures in the morning and discussions in the afternoon. Prior to visiting Nanjing, each student will participate in Preliminary Lecture held at Komaba Campus, which will be televised via the Internet, and have discussions with students in Nanjing.

Liberal Arts Program (LAP), which carries out these lectures, has sent students to Nanjing University and held lecture series there on "Body Theory" in 2010, "Memory and Documents" in 2011 and "Metamorphosis (metamorphôsis)" in 2012 as an educational program that aims to spread liberal arts education abroad. The lecture series was formally recognized for credit in the Junior Division, and from this year on it will be offered for credit across the Junior and Senior Divisions. For further details, including exchanges in previous years, please visit the LAP Website.

Please note that you MUST attend the guidance in order to sign up for the lectures.

* Maximum Number of Students: 20.
* Guidance: October 17 (Wed), 6th period at 101 Building #1
* Location: Preliminary Lecture will be held in Information Building at Komaba; Intensive Lectures will be held at Nanjing University.
* Time: Preliminary Lecture will be given during the 6th period, December 20 (Thu.). Intensive Lectures will be given from March 10 to 24, and students in 2 groups will each stay in Nanjing for a week.
* Expenses: There will be subsidies for transportation and stay, details of which will be explained at the guidance. An overview of the Lecture Series will also be explained at the guidance.