UT – NU Student Exchange 2011 Report Collection


This collection consists of an overview of the two student exchanges LAP conducted in 2011 and reports and reflections of the participants. “Liberal Arts Goes to an Ancient City” (p.4) summarizes the content of the student exchenge at the Nanjing University Intensive Lecture Series held at Nanjing University; “Experiencing and Practicing Liberal Arts” (p.12) looks at the One-Week-at-UT program held at the University of Tokyo; “In Commemoration of the Past 10 Years of Exchange Between the University of Tokyo and Nanjing University” (p.42) introduces the reader to the events in “Nanjing University DAY in the University of Tokyo” that was held in celebration of the 10th anniversary in the exchange between Nanjing University and the University of Tokyo.

(Published in July, 2012)