2015年度 東大×南大学生共同研究報告集―「失われていなかったもの」

The U TOKYO Liberal Arts Program hosts joint research (problem-finding fieldwork) for U Tokyo students and students from Nanjing University by inviting ten advanced students of Japanese from Nanjing University, China in November every year. This year’s theme is “What Was Not Lost.”
With the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Tokyo is undergoing a rapid urban re-development. The living environments around the Komaba area have also seen many changes. In this Joint Research, the students from U Tokyo walked with students from Nanjing within a three kilometer distance from the Komaba campus and discovered what could have been but “has not been lost” thanks to people’s ideas and efforts, and interviewed the people related to the object.
This booklet is the result of discussions by students from both U Tokyo and Nanjing University on the characteristics unique to the places and living environments that can be found through “what was not lost,” and their thinking about new images of Tokyo that are grounded in people’s lives (published on November,13, 2015)