I Want to Learn How to Think Beyond Academic Disciplines

Academic Frontier Lectures (A Semester)
Fiscal Year 2015 "mirror"


Lecture Overview

This class will be offered as an intensive lecture series in November and December, 2015. Each session will equal two 90 minute class hours. Each of these class hours will be taught by one of the four or five faculty members from both the Sciences and Humanities who will visit Nanjing.

For each of the lectures, there will be assigned readings on the topic of “Mirror,” and the students are asked to have completed the readings before the lecture. In class, the lecturer will present discussion questions, after which the entire class will discuss the assigned readings.

“Critical reading” is more than vaguely “understanding” a text, and it is correctly “reading” the author’s intentions in the text based on understandings about its historical background, the author’s ideological or political stance, and texts and sources that the text relies upon, and eventually “formulating” one’s own ideas (this is what it means to “truly understand” a text).

In this lecture series, we aim to cultivate the ability to do “critical reading,” learn about the diversity of arguments and approaches in relation to one topic, and foster flexible thinking that is not constrained by traditional academic disciplines.

Details of the classes and the first assigned readings will be announced at the Guidance.


First Info Session
Date and Time: September 24, 2015. 5th period (16:50 -- 18:35)
Place: Room 150

Second Info Session
Date and Time: November 4, 2015 (Wed) 5th period
Place: International Education Building (Building 6), Seminar Room on the 3rd floor

Class Schedule

Any 3 days of: November 14, November 28, December 5, December 12
13:00 to 16:30


Screening will be based on papers and attendance

* More about the textbooks and references will be posted on the LAP Website.

KARIMA, Fumitoshi
“Reading Chinese Cinema”

LIN, Shaoyang
Assigned Reading: Takeshi Matsumae & Koichi Mori, “Dialogue: Meanings and Functions of Mirror” in Koichi Mori (ed.) Exploring Ancient Cultures of Japan: Mirror, ShakaiShisosha, 1978.

Professor Taro Toyota
Assigned Reading: What is “Life?” -- Biology Expresses, Art Thinks. Kodansha Gendaishinshi, 2013.

Assigned Reading: Chizuko Ueno, Nationalism and Gender: New Edition. Iwanami Gendaibunko, 2012.

Assigned Reading: Leibnitz, “Monadology” in Tomio Shimizu & Atsushi Takeda, Spinoza and Leibnitz (World’s 30 Greatest Books), Chuokoronsha, 1980.