I Want to Learn How to Think Beyond Academic Disciplines

Academic Frontier Lectures (A Semester)
Fiscal Year 2013 "Water"



Humans and water have maintained a very close relationship from ancient times to the present. As can be seen in examples like ancient civilizations evolving in the vicinity of large rivers, water has provided the basis for the lives of humans, enabling them to have settlements where numerous economic activities, methods of transportation and cultures emerged. We can also observe examples where differing levels of access to water gave unique characteristics to different regions, distinct characteristics to how  water was understood by the inhabitants of those places and each civilization reflected such characteristics. Water gives large impacts on the earth's environment and climate as it circulates through the air and the oceans. On the other hand, we can vividly recall the recent incidents of tsunami and flood, where the nature went against us and caused enormous and tragic damages. In Natural Sciences, water has provided its unique questions as a unique substance. I would also like you to be aware that all living creatures of the planet earth depend on this unique quality of water for their survival. I believe that water as a topic offers us so many things to learn from the perspectives of both Humanities and Sciences.