I Want to Experience Joint Fieldwork with Chinese Students

Student Exchange at the Nanjing University Intensive Lectures
Fiscal Year 2012


■ Overview
This program aimed at facilitating an exchange between students from the University of Tokyo and Nanjing University by sending the former to Nanjing. The participants from Tokyo were selected on the basis of a paper assigned, for freshmen and sophomores, at the guidance session for the Winter term in October, 2012, and for juniors, seniors, and graduate students, at the Preliminary Lecture "Metamorphosis" in December, 2012, to which they were asked to respond in the paper.
The participants were divided into Group 1, who visited Nanjing from 4 March to 11 March, and Group 2, who stayed from 11 March to 18 March. Group 1 participated in "Changes by Living Creatures in Guiding through Life" by Professor Yuichiro Watanabe and "Changes of the Subject in Psychoanalysis" by Professor Kazuyuki Hara. Group 2 participated in "Principles of Decadence, Decadent Views of Life: Based on the Philosophy of Zhou Zuoren" by Professor Noriya Ito and "Changing Things, Unchangeable Things, Unfixable Things" by Professor Shimizu Akiko. The Lectures were formally recognized for credit for freshmen and sophomores. All the participants were asked to submit papers. For details of course registration, go to this page.
After hearing the Lectures in Nanjing, the participants from Tokyo joined afternoon discussion sessions with students at Nanjing University for 4 days (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday) on themes assigned by each Lecturer.


■ Activities in Nanjing
Morning 9:00 to 12:00: Lecture
Afternoon 14:00 to 17:00: Discussion Session with Students at Department of Japanese, Nanjing University, on the Lectures

■ Submission of Paper
Participants in each group are asked to choose one of the two assigned topics and write a paper of at least 2 pages (2400 Japanese characters).

Group 1
●Choose and explain 2 specific cases where the metamorphosis of plants leads to their adaptation to the environment. (Professor Yuichiro Watanabe)
●Discuss the claim "That I metamorphose means that my desire metamorphoses" by clearly stating your stance toward it. In your discussion, clarify what you take to be "desire" and "metamorphosis." (Professor Kazuyuki Hara)

Group 2
●Explain in detail how you understood the "decadence" of Zhou Zuoren by raising specific examples.
○Please choose one or more text(s) that deal(s) with "My embodied metamorphosis/change/transformation" over which "I" do not have control. Y ou can choose work of fiction or nonfiction, and you can choose written text or visual text. Analyze the text(s) by referring to insights from Queer Theory discussed during the lectures. (Professor Shimizu Akiko)