I Want to Experience Joint Fieldwork with Chinese Students

One-Week-at-UT Program
Fiscal Year 2014



Students from Nanjing University: 11; U Tokyo students: 11; U Tokyo alumnus: 1


November 9 (Sun) to 16 (Sun), 2014

Joint Research

Theme: “What is Living Abroad? -- Thinking through Chinese Residents in Tokyo”

U Tokyo-Nanjing Joint Research in the Liberal Arts Program aims to foster understanding of the self by understanding others.
This year, on the theme of “What is Living Abroad? -- Thinking through Chinese Residents in Tokyo,” we would like students to think about what it means to live on a “foreign land” by interviewing Chinese residents in Tokyo and observing the spaces they inhabit, through which they understand the ways of thinking for Chinese people and their living environments.

Pictures from Research Presentations and Discussions (Click the link to go to related posts on LAP’s facebook page)

First pair presentation・Second pair presentation
Third pair presentation・Fourth pair presentation・Questions from Organizer
Discussions by All・Comments from Guest・Q&A

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