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Vol.3 2010.03.09 UCHINO Tadashi

The Body in Performance – through the Example of American Theatre from the 1960's onward

Has the body ever been problematized in American theatre? What did the "body," when we call American theatre in the 60's as the "Theatre of the Body," signify? And what did it try to achieve? Furthermore, how does American performance try to tackle the "Body" after the postmodernist turn that rapidly grew after the 60's, that is, in the "Phenomenal World" where media seems to have thoroughly entrenched itself? In this lecture, by posing the abovementioned questions, we will comparatively examine the theoretical developments of two closely related genres – American theatre and performance art after the 60's – utilizing audiovisual materials, in the hope of exploring the issue of the body in America's performative phenomena.

1) Introduction – Geneology in American Performances
2) The "Body" in the 1968 Model Theatre
***Videos: Living Theatre, Open Theatre, Performance Groups
3) "Theatre of Image" and the Body Turning into Image
***Videos: Robert Wilson and Richard Foreman
4) The "Body" in Feminist Performances – Postmodern Dances as an Auxiliary Line
***Videos:Trisha Brown, Steve Paxton, and Karen Finley
5) Media – The "Disappearance" and "Return" of the Body
***Videos: John Jesurun and The Builders Association
6) Wrap-Up and Q&A


UCHINO Tadashi
Professor at Culture Dynamics Course, Department of Interdisciplinary Cultural Studies, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences My area of specialty is stage art theory centering on contemporary theatre in the United States of America and Japan after 1960s. I am interested in historicizing the development of performance arts in post 1990s America with critical theory and body theory from the post-colonial period onward. Another interest of mine is situating Japanese contemporary theatre arts within the theoretical contexts of Europe and the United States. I am the author of From Melodrama to Performance: On 20th Century American Theatre (University of Tokyo Press) among others.
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