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Vol.4 2010.03.11 HARA Kazuyuki

The Body in the History of Thought – With a Focus on Psychoanalysis

・March 10: Preliminary Event
・11-12: Lectures

As introduced in the Preliminary Lecture, although ideas on the body in the history of Western thought was firmly defined by the framework called mind-body split, particularly into the 20th century numerous attempts emerged that sought to look beyond such framework and explore the body. Among such attempts, in this lecture I will focus on the concept of the "Body" in psychoanalysis. In seeking to respond to the concrete issue of "hysteria" that manifested itself both in physical and psychological symptoms, psychoanalysis was forced to reconfigure the relationship between the "physical" and "psychological" from a unique perspective. We will examine how the body has been perceived in the ensuing psychoanalytical discussions, focusing for Day 1 on Project for a Scientific Psychology, an early draft work by the founder of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud; for Day 2, we will focus on arguments by Jacques Lacan, French psychoanalyst, surrounding the Oedipus complex.


HARA Kazuyuki
Associate Professor at Multidimensional Analysis of World Structure, Department of Area Studies, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, University of Tokyo. Majored in Area Studies (France) at University of Tokyo's Undergraduate Program and subsequently its Graduate School. Studied Philosophy at Université Paris 1 as well as Université Paris 4. Ph.D. from Université Paris 4 (History of Philosophy). Assistant Professor (Associate Professor) at the Department of Area Studies, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, University of Tokyo since April, 2004, after serving as Full-Time Lecturer and Assistant Professor at University of Electro-Communications. Publications include Lacan: an Exodus of Philosophical Space (Kodansha).
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