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Vol.2 2016.03.07 TORII, Yoshio

Is the Sky Blue a Pure Color?

Why is the sky blue on a sunny day? You may have wondered at least once before.

“Zhuangzi” too contains a simple question about the blueness of the sky: “The sky being blue, so blue, could this be at all a pure color?” If there are “pure colors,” are there also colors called “fake colors” or “cheat colors?” In this lecture, after providing an explanation for why the sky is blue through various experiments, I would like for us to think about what “colors” are in the first place and whether there are such concepts as “fake colors” and “cheat colors.”


TORII, Yoshio
He has studied the way atoms cool using laser beams as well as studying ultra-accurate spectra and atomic clocks. Specialized field: Experimental Physics (atomic physics and quantum electronics)

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