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Vol.7 2012.03.22 TAKAHASHI, Hidemi

Transformation of and in Christianity

March 22 – 23, 2012

While the title may sound rather grandiose, I will actually talk about something smaller. In the first half of this lecture, occasionally relying on audio-visual materials, I would like to trace how Christianity, originally from the Middle East, was transformed in the processes of reaching India by water as well as arriving in Tang by way of the Silk Road. In the latter half, I plan to talk about the "transfiguration" of Christ as described in the Gospels, transformations of humans following Christ, and transformation of the world in the Eschaton, mainly focusing on the ways in which these are spoken of in the Eastern Christian tradition.


Professor Takahashi was born in 1965. He has a doctorate degree from the University of Frankfurt (Dr. phil., Orientalistik). His area of specialty is Syriac Studies, or Syrologie. His publications include: Aristotelian Meteorology in Syriac, “The Mathematical Sciences in Syriac,” “Transcribed Proper Names in Chinese Syriac Christian Documents,” and "The Thomaskirche" in the State of Kerala, India" (in Japanese). He researches on the tradition of ancient Greek Philosophy and Natural Sciences, Christian-Islam relations and the spread of Syriac Christianity in Asia, mainly studying texts in Syriac and Arabian languages.


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