I Want to Learn How to Think Beyond Academic Disciplines

Nanjing University Intensive Lecture Series
(for Students in Nanjing)
Fiscal Year 2015 "Mirror"



Mirror -- our most familiar way to know ourselves. Not only has it expanded our visions of the world, it is also the oldest tool for creating a world that does not exist in reality. The phenomena of catoptrics that give rise to “a dreamy vision that deviates while being a detailed science” (J. Baltrusaitis) have been known from ancient times in the natural world through mirages emerging from reflections on water surface and refractions of the air, and the Mirror has served as a tool for putting these appealing contradictions under human control through technological refinements, contributing greatly to scientific advances, as well as offering endless spiritual inspirations in the fields of literature and arts.

In this lecture series, we will introduce in an omnibus style the impacts that the Mirror and mirroring have brought on sciences and cultures of the past and present, as well as issues presented by them.

[ATTENTION] Due to the class schedule, students may not be able to use the grades for this lecture series as part of the requirements for moving up to the next academic year or the Upper Division. As such, a careful consideration is advised before deciding to register for the class.

This class is a new independent research seminar where students hear lectures from Komaba and conduct joint research with local students at a university abroad. It will be offered as an omnibus intensive lecture series by U Tokyo faculty members. Those who register will participate in this intensive lecture series for a week, where they will hear lectures in the mornings and conduct joint research in the afternoons.

Those who plan to register will attend the Preliminary Lectures that will be held in October, after which they will write a report that will be used for screening purposes if more students want to register than the maximum class size. Anyone is welcome to participate regardless of what year he or she is. The goal of the program is to promote interactions across academic levels within U Tokyo in addition to international exchange.

Issues related to registration for the course will be discussed at the Guidance session.

 Date and Time:October 23 (Thu) at 18:10
 Place: Room 106, Building 1
 Number of Students: 20 (Undergraduate and Graduate Students Combined)
 Locations: Komaba Information Education Building forPreliminary Lectures, Nanjing University for Intensive Lectures
 Class Schedule: For Preliminary Lectures, please go to the LAP website. The Intensive Lectures will be held from March 8 to 22. Those who register will go to Nanjing in two groups, each staying for the period of a week.
 Fees: Part of travel expenses and lodging will be covered by school; the rest will be paid by the student. Details of the expenses will be explained at the Guidance.