I Want to Experience Joint Fieldwork with Chinese Students

One-Week-at-UT Program
Fiscal Year 2012


Program Goals:

To let students from Nanjing University know firsthand the daily life at the University of Tokyo by actually participating in classes at its College of Arts and Sciences and Graduate School.
To provide an opportunity for the students from both schools to have discoveries about another culture and reflect upon themselves by conducting joint research and exchanging views about one common theme.


8 students from Nanjing University, 16 students from the University of Tokyo


November 4, 2012 (Sun) to November 11, 2012 (Sun)

Joint Research

 Theme: Changing Things, Unchanging Things, Unfixable Things

The joint research theme for the “One-Week-at-UT Program” in 2012 is “Changing Things, Unchanging Things, Unfixable Things,” following the Theme Lecture “Metamorphosis.”

When we think about something in the temporal and spatial axes, it seems that there are things that always keep changing and things that universally remain unchanged. For example, although things like what is in fashion at a given time seem at a quick glance to experience rapid changes, it may in fact be that their unchanging parts are paired with others in different ways. Also, things like “tradition” that seem unchanging may be giving out such an impression by transforming themselves along with changes in time. Furthermore, what is regarded as “having changed” differs depending on each person's standpoint.

In this joint research, our primary goal is to find what changes and what does not in one object, and consider why it changes, does not change, or seems to have changed. Our second goal, then, is to think about its background and causes. We would like further to think about what it means for things to change.

 Research Process

  1. Each group sets a sub-theme (Communication with NU students via email)
  2. Preliminary research on the theme as well as deciding interviewees
  3. Field research and analysis after the arrival of NU students
  4. Research Presentation
Final Paper

Each participant was asked to write around 3,000 letters on the following three themes and submit the paper after their return.

  1. Summarize what you learned about “Metamorphosis” through joint research
  2. Select 2 classes you attended and discuss your opinions by referring to what was discussed in the classrooms.
  3. Write your reflections or views about the “One-Week-at-UT Project” as a whole.

Click HERE for photos from the One-Week-at-UT Program.