Report on Chinese Summer School in 2020


Funded by Zensho Holdings Co., Ltd., Zensho Todai Nanjing Liberal Arts Student Exchange Program is an educational program that facilitates student exchange by the University of Tokyo in cooperation with a Chinese university, and in so doing aims to cultivate individuals on whose shoulders the future of China and Japan can rest. In partnership with Nanjing University, a leading university in China, we aim to cultivate individuals with a rich sense of humanity and an understanding about China and Japan, through liberal arts education that lets students think together, inspire each other and form trust.

This report is, of the student exchange program, on Chinese Summer School. The Summer School was started in 2013 in partnership with the Center for Global Communication Strategies, the University of Tokyo TLP. This report is on the year 2020, consisting of an overview of the program, report on the activities, as well as students' reflection upon the program.

(December, 2020)