I Want to Experience Joint Fieldwork with Chinese Students

Student Exchange at the Nanjing University Intensive Lectures
Fiscal Year 2011



■ Overview
This program aimed to facilitate an exchange between students at the Department of Japanese of Nanjing University and students who were sent to Nanjing from the University of Tokyo, by letting them together attend the Nanjing University Intensive Lecture Series "Memory and Documents." The students from Tokyo were selected on the basis of a paper they wrote in response to the Preliminary Lecture "Memory and Documents" delivered in December, 2010 at the University of Tokyo. All the participants from Tokyo were divided into 3 groups: Group 1 visited Nanjing from March 6 to 13; Group 2 from March 13 to 19; Group 3, whose trip unfortunately had to be cancelled due to the earthquake, was suppose to visit Nanjing from March 20 to 27.

Group 1 participated in "Memories and Record Seen from Medieval Documents" by Professor Masao Watanabe and "Information Technology and the Sense of Time" by Professor Michitaka Hirose. Group 2 participated in "Memories and Record Shown by Plant" by Professor Yuichiro Watanabe as well as "Linguistic Memories and Record of Humans Seen from Brain" by Professor Kuniyoshi Sakai.
After hearing the Lectures in Nanjing, the participants from Tokyo joined afternoon discussion sessions with students at Nanjing University for 4 days (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday).

■ Activities in Nanjing
Morning: 9:00 to 12:00: Lectures
Afternoon: 14:00 - Discussions on lecture themes with students at Department of Japanese, Nanjing University

■ Submission of Paper
Topic for Paper: Discuss "Memory and Documents," referring to the contents of at least 2 of the Lectures.