I Want to Experience Joint Fieldwork with Chinese Students

One-Week-at-UT Program
Fiscal Year 2010




From November 7 to 14, 2010, we hosted a program where we invited 7 students from Nanjing University to experience the "daily life at the University of Tokyo." Since our aim was to facilitate venues for students from China and Japan to have discussions and come to deeper understandings of one another, we did not provide lectures specifically designed for students from overseas but instead asked them to attend regular classes at the University of Tokyo for a week. The students from Nanjing University were asked to attend the Theme Lecture "Body Theory" on November 10, Wednesday ("Relation between the Robot's Corporeality and Cognition/Behavior" by Prof. Yasuo Kuniyoshi) and, other than that, they were to attend lectures of their interest for at least one period a day. On the University of Tokyo side, we recruited 18 student volunteers who introduced lectures to their Nanjing University counterparts and provided assistance before, during, and after the classes. We also asked those volunteers to attend the students from Nanjing University in their free time so that they could further have opportunities for interaction.

Specifically, outside the classes we held a special lecture on what is liberal arts education on the 8th (Mon.). We also held discussion sessions on the 8th (Mon.) and the 12th (Fri.) where the participants exchanged their views on the two issues: "How can China and Japan best relate to one another?"; "What do you think of studying or working abroad?"

After their stay at the University of Tokyo, the students from Nanjing University were asked to submit reflections and reports on the program.

Assignments for Students from Nanjing University

 Write your honest reflections on what you felt and thought about your experiences in Tokyo, the classrooms, interactions among students as well as about hosting programs like ours.

 Based on what you thought during the lectures in your week in Tokyo and discussions you had with students at the University of Tokyo, write a report on one of the themes given at the special lecture (write approximately 2,000 Japanese characters in length).

Choose one from the following themes:

  1. What does it mean to study at university?
  2. What do you think of studying or working abroad?
  3. How can China and Japan best relate to one another?