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Vol.2 2017.03.06 Toshio Ootsuki

Kinkyo (parents and children who live in the same neighborhood): Reconsidering the Relationship between “Family” and “House”

 A family does not always live in one house. The word ‘family’ is not given a legal definition and we tend to use the concept of household although it is different from the general concept of family.

 In this lecture, I am going to reconsider the relationship between “family” and “house” by examining one example of kinkyo as it shows remarkable difference between our general ideas and the actual situation.


Toshio Ootsuki
The purpose of my studies is to create an environment in which humans are able to have richer relationship and I examine how human beings perceive or recognize the environment. My research focuses on the formation of a theory on architectural, interior and environmental designs based on actual observation and examination of human behavior and way of life in their environment. To summarize, I am interested in these concepts: personal space, houses, hospital rooms, offices and public spaces.

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