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Vol.4 2017.03.13 Morimoto Tousuke

“People will not be at home”

There is a renowned poem written by the Japanese writer Saisei Murou, whose opening sentence is “Furusato wa tōki ni arite omou mono (Home is where I think of when I am far away)”. However, the poem was written when he was visiting his family home in Kanazawa. Even though he was there, he would not long for home.

In this lecture, I am going to talk about the essential distance between humans and their home by talking about the development of public transportation in modern times. I will refer to a paragraph in the Bible “Watakushitachi no kokyō wa tengoku ni arimasu (Our home exists in Heaven) and the theoretical background is based on the concept of “bukiminamono (unheimliche, uncanny)” advocated by Sigmund Freud.


Morimoto Tousuke
Yosuke Morimoto was born in 1976. After studying at the University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (finishing the course early having completed the coursework first), he obtained a PhD in Philosophy from Université Paris Ouest. His specialty is the History of European Ideas and he is currently Assistant Professor at the University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Department of Interdisciplinary Cultural Studies, Culture and Representation Course. His works include: “Katasutorofu kara no tetsugaku (Philosophy of How People Face Catastrophe)” (Ibunsha. 2015)

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