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Vol.6 2017.03.20 KAMIBEPPU Kiyoko

Reconsidering “Family”:The Resources which Will Support the Function of A Family During Its Life Cycle

In this lecture, we will learn the ways of assessing a family such as using a genogram, eco map and DAF (Draw Your Family As An Animal) as well as studying the theory of family life cycles and the transferring of an attachment style from generation to generation all for the purpose of examining the image of our own family. In addition to this, we will picture the family which we want to have in the future and think about the resources which will support the function of this family.


Kiyoko Kamibeppu is from Tokyo. She is a Doctor of Health Sciences and has been a Professor at the Graduate School of Medicine, at the University of Tokyo since 1st December 2012. She graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Tokyo in Health Sciences in 1978. After doing a Postgraduate Course of Health Sciences, at the Graduate School of Medicine of the University of Tokyo (finishing the course early having completed all of the course work) in 1983, she worked for Toranomon Hospital, Kodomo no shiro Shōni Hoken Clinic, Hyōgo Prefectural Women’s Centre and the Hospital associated with Tokyo Jikei University. She was an Assistant Professor at Nihonbashigakkan University in 2001 and started working for the Graduate School of Medicine of the University of Tokyo in 2002.

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