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Vol.2 2011.03.04 IINO Yuriko

The Stories of ‹Us› Lesbians – Memories Eluding Record, Ties between Formed Memories and Reading

March 3, 2011 to March 4, 2011

In this lecture, by using lesbian "minicomi" (small magazines with limited circulation) published in1970s' Japan, I will talk about issues such as:

1)How writers and readers sought each other and what kinds of relationship – "Ties of Reading" -- they tried to build in these publications.
2)In the process of building such "Ties of Reading" what kinds of subject were constructed as "Lesbians."
3)And, in these magazines, what kinds of "Memories" were taken in by the subjects and what kinds of "Memories" were excluded as "External."

Through this lecture, it is my hope that we will be able to explore in more depth the ambiguity of "<Our> Stories" told by socially and culturally marginalized people for representing their collectivity.


IINO Yuriko
Adjunct member of the Faculty at Tokyo University's Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology (Adjunct Assistant Professor). She graduated from Sociology Department at Washington State University (summa cum laude). She received her Ph.D (Comparative Culture). at Josai International University's Graduate School of Humanities with a major in Comparative Culture (Comparative Gender Studies). Her main field of research is Gender/Sexuality Studies. She is the author of a book The Stories of <Us> Lesbians (Seikatsu-shoin, 2008).
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"The Stories of ‹Us› Lesbians" Chapter 2 (Japanese) (12.82MB)


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