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Vol.7 2011.03.21 ISHIHARA Kohji

Memories and Personality (Identity)

March 21, 2011 to March 22, 2011

Memory and the concept of personality: What guarantees that I am myself? Is the past "me" the same as the present "me"? What about the future me? Philosophers have discussed the sameness of a personality by looking at the continuity of memory and consciousness.

In this lecture, I would like to discuss how the relationship between the concept of personality and memory should be understood now, by introducing philosophers' insights and the present situation of researches into psychological disorders, dementia, and the mechanisms of memory etc.


Professor at the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (Department of History and Philosophy of Science) My areas of specialty are Philosophy and Ethics (particularly Philosophy of Scientific Technology and Ethics of Scientific Technology). Recently I have been conducting research into the Philosophy of Science and Roboethics (Ethics of Robot) concerning psychological disorders and developmental disabilities.
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