I Want to Learn How to Think Beyond Academic Disciplines

Academic Frontier Lectures (A Semester)
Fiscal Year 2011 "Memory and Record"



"Memory" has been thought of as essential for reflecting upon our past and confirming our identity. "Record" was invented as a "Memory" aid to prevent "Forgetting." With the advancement of recording technologies, record has gone beyond its supportive role and now it has gained influence on memories. On the other hand, history has kept record of the past events in written forms, and in the process the past has been selected and edited. At present, with the remarkable growth of scientific technologies, memories change significantly in terms of both their quality and quantity, the boundaries between memories and record gradually altering and blurred. How we should conceive of memories – Do memories create record, or does record create memories? – is a question we should reconsider now.

In this Lecture Series, we hope to construct new images of "Memory and Record" by examining the two from the integrative perspective of the sciences and humanities. We will reconfigure history from the field of virtual reality and focus on the relationship between memories and reliving. Beginning with the question of whether a robot or a plant possesses memories, we will examine new viewpoints surrounding memories. We will also discuss the relationship between memories and record from the perspectives of history of thought, culture and representation, historiography, and oral history. Through this Lecture Series, it is our hope that we enrich and broaden the recognition and space for our thinking about "Memory and Record."

Evaluation will be based on comments posted on the homepage of each lecture and final paper.