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Vol.5 2013.03.14 WATANABE, Yuichiro

Why Does Life Need Water?

March 14 - 15, 2013

Although water is a familiar substance to us, it is rather a peculiar substance in the world of chemistry. Because on earth water exists in abundance, the oceans, air, and the surface of the earth depend on the nature of water and change accordingly. With this in mind, in this lecture we will first overview water as a substance and then consider how its nature is put into use inside our bodies, as well as substances that are in water behave. By doing so, we will try to describe what it means to live from chemical and biological perspectives. In the process of evolution, various lives are said to have survived by developing resistance to water amidst its impacts. We encounter interesting phenomena in living beings that can be said to take advantage of water's nature. The birth and activities of the humanity arguably brought the relationship between water and living beings to a new stage, and now we are facing an era when the humanity need to protect the water environment of earth.


WATANABE, Yuichiro
 I do research on plants, the fact that they live in the earthly environment as well as the mechanisms for their survival, paying attention to genes and RNA molecules..I am not interested in teleology like why trees grow so much as mechanisms such as how they grow.
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