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Vol.6 2013.03.18 MIURA, Atsushi

Impressionists at the Water's Edge – Rivers, Ponds, and the Sea in Their Paintings

March 18 - 19, 2013

Water as a theme is large, vast and deep. In the field of art, too, water has a long history as the main theme or the background of a painting. I would like to take up “water” as painted, like paintings that depict rivers, seas, ponds, and lakes, and explore how they are expressed and its significance. Because my specialty is modern French paintings, we shall analyze mainly works by “Impressionist” painters who painted at the riverside of Seine. Views from the river's edge as depicted by those Impressionists are various and interesting, including urban views in Paris on the edge of Seine, people having a good time on boats and yachts, water lily floating on the surface of the pond in Monet's house in Giverny, leisurely scenes on the seaside of Normandy. To the extent possible, I will also compare these images with older Western, Japanese and Chinese paintings of “views from the water's edge.”


MIURA, Atsushi
Professor at the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, the University of Tokyo. Professor Miura studied modern Western art at the Graduate School of Humanities, the University of Tokyo and Paris IV. He received his Ph.D. from Paris IV. His areas of specialty are history of French modern paintings and history of Japanese-French artistic exchange. He is the author of books including Representation of Modern Artist, Lessons on Gaze (1) Western Traditional Paintings (The University of Tokyo Press), Double Mysteries Hidden in Masterpieces of Painting (Shogakukan), Impressionists and Their Time (Bijutsu Shuppan).

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