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Vol.7 2013.03.21 WATANABE, Masao

Conflict over Water and Its Resolution in Medieval Japan

March 21 - 22, 2013

While we can name numerous examples of conflict over water in different time periods and regions, their nature is, needless to say, by no means monolithic. In the lecture, we will take up some conflicts from the Kamakura Period surrounding irrigation water, and we will specifically find out why such conflicts broke out and how they were resolved by reading remaining historical documents. Using our findings, we will further consider characteristics unique to Medieval Japan, ones manifested in the ways in which those conflicts over water took place and how people forged relationships out of them.


Associate Professor at Tokyo University's Historiographical Institute. major is history of Japanese legal system. I hope to illuminate the specific ways in which relations between the law, the system, and rights historically transformed by looking at historical sources. I am currently interested in the roles played by non-academic individuals with legal knowledge and expertise in the structural change of social order in the 14th century.


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